Tuesday, June 26, 2007

tackling the mess

I have never participated in this meme, because I am at work on Tuesday and don't tackle anything at home on Tuesday. But, I did tackle this little project over the weekend and I want so badly to share my accomplishment!

I collect recipes......from magazines, calenders, and on-line... and I have never really organized them. This is what they looked like, which made menu planning kind of stressful.

This is what that mess looks like now!

Just don't ask to see the shelf where I keep all my cookbooks! :)
Or all the old issues of Taste of Home and Light and Tasty I have sitting here waiting to have recipes pulled out of them.

For more amazing tackled jobs visit 5 minutes for mom!


Karen said...

Oh, I bet you feel so good, accomplishing a big project like this! I love the Taste of Home Magazines, too. I really need to jump on the Menu Plan bandwagon. I'm so disorganized about our meals these days, I don't know where to begin. Maybe, once I get everyone back home for a while, it will be something I can work on.

annie said...

Wow, very nice Kim!!!

Sarah said...

Oh, I never thought about getting one of those fold-out binders for that! I have this stupid little 3x5 card holder than I used to use when I was taking notes in school, but it's not the most efficient thing because it requires me to copy down every recipe onto a 3x5 card. I'm totally going to do this this weekend. Good job!
Now you can share some with me. ;)