Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Want to drive your kids bonkers? .......

.... then get them this book for some extra summer "fun"--(she says this with an evil laugh! ) Noodlers
Spatial Stumpers to Noodle Your Noggin

Each puzzle contains a field of shapes; your job is to separate each icon into its own area using the wooden sticks. The catch? The instructions tell you how many—or how few—sticks you get to use. Challenging and addictive. Includes 44 spatial-reasoning puzzles and 8 sticks.

Ages 8 to adult

It is a great puzzle/problem solving/ spatial skill building book by MindWare. I am such a mean mommy that I actually have assigned some summer work for my boys to work on over summer break. Just a little math, 1 hour of reading, a poetry appreciation workbook, and this book called Noodlers. They actually do like working at it and it is something they can do together --but they have called me at work (I am the main receptionist so they can almost always count on me answering) to growl in my ear! It is making them think. For sure.

Day 1:

Day 2:


Karen said...

I'm mean, too, and make my kids do reading, math and a little bit of writing each day. This looks like something that would be fun and completely different. I wonder if Amazon has it?

Sarah said...

That looks fun! I am glad you made us do summer reading. I sort of feel now like summer break is dumb - it's so long and it doesn't make sense for kids maintaining the knowledge they gained the year before. I'm becoming more of a fan of "balanced calendars" that have a slightly shorter summer break and more short breaks through the year (like where Caleb goes to school). Anyway, the boys won't hate you for it or hold it against you forever, I promise. We didn't!