Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Another season ender....

Tonight was Austen's last game. It was a great season, a great team and great fun!

Way to go , boys in gray. Way to go Austen--I love you buddy.


Karen said...

Congrats on getting through your season! We have a couple more weeks, and I'll actually be sad when it's over.

Karen said...

My son is in Japan for 6 weeks as part of an exchange program with our school district. He won't really be attending school over there, but touring with the Japanese students who will then visit here next summer. He's in a small group of 8 students. Like your son, he wants to study Int'l Relations or business in college. He's been taking Japanese language courses for 2 years.

Okay, now on to the important stuff: For G&T's start with a glass full of ice. Then add about "that much" gin, and fill up the rest of the glass with tonic -- I think the kind of tonic you use is as important as the gin. We use Schwepp's (and I've conceded to using the diet version, because it really is good and fewer points!). Then squeeze in about an eighth of a fresh lime and top it off with just a splash of Compari. This is our "it's officially summer" drink!