Monday, July 02, 2007

Going to the chapel.....

Time for some time travel. This week Annie is taking us back to our wedding day! My wedding day was almost 25 years ago so the memories rattling around in my poor old brain. are a little foggy.... :)

We got married on September 17, 1982. It was supposed to be a cool fall day. Notice the word, "supposed"! In reality, it was 89 degrees!! Yikes! Wait till you see my dress--very big with long lace sleeves.
I got to the church to get dressed (which is a blurr) and the scene that greeted me was the lady who made our cake trying to stabilize it, as it was melting from the heat. Oh, did I mention that the church had no air conditioning? Looking back, I hate how my veil looks in most of my pictures--it is too far forward and because of the unexpected heat, my bangs didn't stay put and fell forward by the end of the evening.

Walking down the aisle--oh man! I cried the whole walk down with my dad. He handed me off to Kerry and I was still stifling sobs--the service commenced and I was still sniffling and all I could think was, "I have got to pull it together here so I can get my vows out in a minute"!

The heat ---well, I was hot!! When we knelt for the prayer, all I could think about was the sweat running down my back in all that lace and Kerry told me later all he was thinking about was how much his knee was aching as we knelt there--(he had had knee surgery 9 months earlier)

The music was beautiful.

The receiving line was ridiculous--we had almost 300 people there (Kerry was youth director and we had to invite the whole church) and we stood in that line FOREVER! By the time we were done, many people had left and we hardly had time to mingle--oh, forgot to add that dummy that I was, planned an 8:00 p.m. wedding because I wanted it dark enough for candle light in September! The service was an hour long, so it was after 9 before we got in that line and it was 11:00 when we were done. And there was no punch left for us.

We found out that the programs Kerry had spent hours on (using a typewriter because there was no such thing as a personal computer then) had not been handed out by the ushers....he was so proud of those programs...sigh..

The car....our delightful dad's joined in the fun of decorating the car--Limburger cheese on the muffler and fresh (dead trout) somewhere else--(can't remember). We were starving when we left so we drove through a McDonald's drive through at midnight for a snack. Then we had to stop by my mom & dad's house to pick up a bag I had forgotten there. We got to our hotel at about 1:00 a.m.--thoroughly exhausted and both of us with major headaches.

There were many lovely moments--and we were so loved by so many people. It just happened so fast and here I am 25 years later, still married to that wonderful man and the mother of four children!

Me, age 20, Kerry age 26. Oh my, we were young, optimistic and full of such dreams and hopes for our future life together.

Twenty-Five Years Later: Battered by life a bit, but still in love and still best friends.

And...almost 1 year ago, I had the privilege of being the mother of the bride!


annie said...

Wow, no air conditioning! I can only imagine how hot you were.
Mom made my dress. I searched for so long and couldn't find a dress I liked so mom took several patterns to make the dress I drew. I was happy with it!
Loved your wedding memories & pictures.

Renee's Ramblings said...

What a great memory and wonderful pictures! Thanks for sharing.

Joyful Days said...

An ovation from me for 25 years. I love to hear that. What beautiful photos. I would have passed out being that hot!!

I was thinking when I clicked over here that your daughter had just gotten married.

Thank you so much for sharing with us.

Jodi said...

Congrats on 25 years! I too would have melted in the heat! Great memories, and heres to 25 more!

Have a great Tuesday!
Be blessed!
♥ Jodi

ChupieandJ'smama said...

What a sweet post!! I loved your veil (of course I didn't have to wear it in 89 degree heat). There were some mishaps, but it sounds like a wonderful day. And the mother of the bride picture brought tears to my eyes. Thanks for sharing your memories :)

Kelli in the Mirror said...

Oh, what fun memories! Congrats on so many happy years!

Karen said...

This was a great post! And your last wedding photo of the two of you says it all -- you look SO happy, 89 degree heat, melting cake, program mishap and all! I'm teary looking at your 25 year photo and then your daughter. . .where does the time go?

Coach J said...

I love your then and now photos. I should have included them with my post, too. And your statement is so true about being optimistic and full of life at the beginning, but after a while, life has a way of battering us up! I'm so thankful God gave us good husbands to walk with while we're here! Loved your stories, and love that you're still together after 25 years!! Here's to another 50!

Anonymous said...

Wow. No air. I would have passed out! But it sounds like a wonderful day anyway!

Barbara H. said...

I can't imagine long sleeves and no air conditioning!! Loved reading your story and the love that shines through all the problems.

Anonymous said...

I know air conditioning hasn't been around long, but what did we do without it? I bet you were so hot in your dress! Even still, it sounds like a wonderful evening. I bet you were exhausted!

raising joey said...

Wow, I would have passed out from the heat! Great story and beautiful pictures!

KC said...

The pictures are wonderful, you look so pretty.. but OH MY GOODNESS the heat in that dress I would have died.
What a wonderful post. Thank you for sharing it with us.

gemma said...

What a beautiful memory to share with us.....thank you and congratulations on your 25th and your beautiful daughter's nuptials.

sheryl said...

I cannot imagine not having air conditioning! Yikes!
You said, "Twenty-Five Years Later: Battered by life a bit, but still in love and still best friends."...change that to 27 years and that quote fits me and my honey perfectly!! :)