Saturday, September 15, 2007


Three years ago, in my previous life (read: being a homeschool mom) I taught a writing class in a homeschool co-op. It was one of my greatest teaching joys and accomplishments from that season of my life. I actually taught it for 3 years....., as I tackled this project, I came across my curriculum I taught from. We did a poetry unit and I wrote a poem to share with my class, before I had them share theirs with the class.


whispering like noisy sandpaper

dreaming like restless waves

scattering like autumn leaves on the wind

yelling like a noisy fog horn

moving like a sturdy bulldozer

waiting like a whirling dust storm

blooming like a hardy crocus pushing through the snow

dashing like a knight with a shiny sword

dancing like there's no tomorrow

by: kim

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sheryl said...

I love that! We have three boys and one girl (our baby will turn 17 this month)...and I miss those hectic, crazy days!
Love all the photos, too!