Sunday, September 09, 2007

My reflections....

We survived!!!! Our first week of school, that is!
The boys packed up the backpacks, sharpened the pencils and donned their new shoes. They were kind of mopey Monday night, but I think deep down they were a bit excited to have a routine and get things going again. Austen began trying out for Jazz ensemble which is a select group of musicians which practice during zero hour period--which starts at 6:30 in the morning! (regular classes for high school start at 7:40) Tryouts lasted all week.

This was the kick-off night for our church's children ministry programs....Pioneer Girls for the girls, Stockade for the boys, Care Groups for the teens, and several choirs for kids pre-school through 8th grade. The first night is always a free roller skating night for everyone. I had my first weigh-in for weight watchers that night too.....nuff said! :)

Early staff meeting for me which resulted in a new phase of our life.....Sam got himself off to school! He rode his bike, and I grieved....nuff said. :( To add to the joy of my day, office politics began to cause me quite a bit of stress---hoping things are better on Monday.
The first paper assigned, being written---note the happiness on Austen's face!

Austen text messaged me at 10:00 a.m. to announce he had made it into Jazz Band!!!!! Whoo Hooo!! He was over he moon with happiness and so are his dad and I!!! So, he will be playing his new Alto sax in Symphonic Band:and he will be learning (real quick!) the Tenor sax which the school will loan him for Jazz Band!!! Now he will be able to play guitar, clarinet, alto and tenor sax. On the tail of that great news, Austen left for our big youth retreat Friday night.
This sight will greet me every Friday night--backpacks and papers to be signed all over my table!! Thanks for all that, Sam's teacher!

Cleaning, laundry, book shopping and lunch out with my Sammy boy!
For Sam:For Mommy:
In blog land, I felt behind and out of touch. I am trying to visit everyone and say hi--now that school is in session I have to let the boys have the computer first for homework, so my time on the pc is more limited.

I am thankful for:
My great talented boys
My job--even with the stress right now
My wonderful husband who starts dinner for us every night until I get home to take over

Well--off to menu plan and grocery shop!

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Anonymous said...

sounds like a good busy week to me!

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Goodness, I am amazed at all you do Kim! :) Glad everyone is getting settled back into school and things, and congrats to Austen for making Jazz Band! And congrats to you on the new book :)

Hope you have a wonderful week ahead!!!