Friday, November 23, 2007

What were we thinking??

Hi Friends!

I have missed all my blog friends! What a crazy couple of weeks this has been. We have been so busy most nights (which is when I have my blogging time) or else, the nights we weren't busy I was just too exhausted to write. What have we been doing? Well, school concerts,(Austen playing in Jazz Band--he is the handsome, blonde, young man in the middle of this picture)

parent-teacher conferences, church activities, weight watchers meetings. working out out Curves, and painting! Yes, PAINTING!!! My wonderful husband sprung on me last Thursday that he thought since he was going to be on vacation all this week that we should paint our family room/dining room, kitchen, and entry way! It has been 9 years since we last painted and it was looking a bit dingy, but I was the one hosting our family's Thanksgiving dinner--that gave us one week to get it all finished and the house put back together--and I WAS not on vacation from work this week! Bless my husband's heart he got it done--with a little help from our kids and son-in-law!

This was my house on Monday night:

Did I mention that we have vaulted ceilings which meant that we needed to purchase a 10 foot extension ladder?? Who lets their 12 year climb around on one of these?? Someone desperate to get her house back!!!

Our wonderful son-in-law, Jesse, lending a hand after work!

The man with the plan!!! My crazy husband!
My poor daughter who ended up being so sick that she had to call in sick from work all week. She ended up running a fever after this evening and losing her voice completely.
We did get the house put back together for Thanksgiving and I will write about that in a different post.

I am off to go eat my leftover dressing and cranberries for lunch!

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