Sunday, December 30, 2007

More Christmas memories....(2007)

...via photographs! (and captions)

Christmas Eve:

The annual *before dinner team cribbage game* with Grandpa*My three boys....

Fighting for the comfy chair....

Singing Christmas carols with the 35 year old song books Grandma brings each year!
Saxophone duet--Sam on the Alto, Austen on the tenor

Daddy reading the Christmas story
Sleeping in the living room with the tree lights on

Christmas morning:

The smiles say it all!!!!!!

And, as if that wasn't enough magic, we also got some snow!! The first time Seattle has received snow on Christmas day in 20 years!
Now, the de-decorating has begun. The family room/dining room/kitchen are back to normal. On one hand it feels good to get back to our regular look, but on the other hand I do miss the warm homey look of the Christmas stuff. Tomorrow I will do the living room which Kerry did start a bit on today.

For New Years Eve we are having a special dinner: Fresh cooked crab, baked potatoes and salad. Then we will have some snacks out and play games during the evening--Sarah and Jesse are coming over for that part and the toasting of the new year. 2008! Where in the WORLD did 2007 fly off to?
I hope you all have a wonderful day tomorrow!

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Joyful Days said...

Your home does look warm!! It just looks like it is filled with comfort and peace. Looks like everyone was having fun.