Tuesday, January 01, 2008

One Word

How can this be? 2008 already? I hope you all had as nice a New Years Eve as we did. Just very low key, relaxing and full of happy family time.

As I have blog visited today I have read many posts about setting goals for the new year. I visited a new blog, Becky, over at The Butler's Wife, and she writes about how she will focus on one word...and her word is Listen. As I thought about her words, I began to realize that for me, writing lists full of all the things I need to get done or do better just overwhelms me. Don't get me wrong, I love to make small short term lists for certain days' tasks and take great joy in crossing tasks off those lists. But when it comes to my personal life...my character...not so much. Yes, I need to lose weight, have a better cleaning program around this house and a more organized laundry plan and a more steady devotional time with God, and...and...and... the list goes on.

Thinking about Becky's words, one word kept popping up in my mind--it had actually been popping up in my head last night as Kerry and I sat in our living room talking at 2:00 a.m., enjoying our lovely Christmas tree one last time. That word is *prayer*. I need to be more faithful and diligent in praying--especially for my kids. I sometimes get this attitude that, hey we are all Christians and so that makes everything alright and everyone is covered. Deep down I know that line of thinking is all wrong and is just the lazy easy-out line of thinking.

So, this year, prayer is the goal. A deeper, more specific prayer life. I think maybe I will find me a devotional book about prayer....because, hey, I don't already have enough books scheduled for 2008!! :)

Happy Day everyone and many blessings on you as we all start our brand new year.

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annie said...

Prayer is so important, I believe God wants us to want to talk to Him all the time! Beth Moore has a great devo book on prayer that you work through. Blessings to you and yours in 2008.