Thursday, February 28, 2008

Know and Tell Friday

** I can't bear the sound of_________.

I can't bear the sound of kids throwing screaming temper tantrums in the grocery store. Or the sound of my boys arguing. Or.......lot of things! :)

**I would love to time-travel back to_________.

I would love to time-travel back to the 1950's. I have a June Cleaver wanna be complex! In my jaded, 46 year old brain I tend to view the '50s as the last innocent decade.

**Shop alone, shop with mom, or shop with friends?

I like to shop alone. When I am with someone else I am always so conscious of the other person's agenda while feeling like I am not getting done what I need to. Except with my husband--I do like to shop with him sometimes or my daughter. When Kerry and I are together we tend to spend more money than we should! He spoils me!

**Worst movie ever?

The Weeping Camel. B.O.R.I.N.G. & S.T.U.P.I.D. The most violent one that I actually had to walk out of the room for, (we rented it, way back when), Robocop.

**Have you ever had your heart broken (by the opposite sex...not by a family member, or close friend)

Oh yes...two boy friends in high school, but time heals and we grow because of those events in our life. God brought me the man of my dreams in His time!

Bonus Questions
**In what area of your life have you felt the most judged (by others or even self condemnation)?

I have felt judged by people at my church because of choices my older kids have made when they were out on their own. I have found, by life experience isthat you can be the most righteous, Godly parents, but once your children become young adults, they can turn their backs on all the moral principles and Spiritual teaching you have held to as a family. There are times that I judge myself and Kerry on our parenting because of the choices made by our kids--there are things about parenting older kids that no one tells you and there are very few manuals out there for this stage of our life as parents!

I have also felt judged by friends that were fellow home-schoolers, when I went back to work and had to put my kids in public school. Our church has a large community of home-schoolers and I love them, but some of them tend to bit rabid about their choice of schooling being the best and should be really be the only choice for Christians.

Are you now free from that judgment, and how did you get free if you are?

I don't know if I am free all the time. I think it is a process and there are times that it hurts. One thing I have grown to realize through it all is that I need to pray for my children. Only the Holy Spirit can bring them around back to Him. As far as my home-school friends go, I try to just smile and continue to be friendly. The problem really isn't me. I am doing what I feel the Lord has directed me to do and what he wants for my family.

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Nancy Face said...

I can't stand the sound of screaming temper tantrums in the grocery store either, but then I get a little smile of gratitude because my kids are way past that stage, haha! ;)

I definitely prefer to shop alone!

annie said...

I don't like those sounds either! I always seem to be so aware of kids crying and throwing fits in stores and it drives me nuts...
I have read a few more of these and a lot of people feel judged by other mothers, by their choices. I find it so sad that mothers would judge each other. I guess I've always felt like each person is doing what they feel is best and right. I just don't understand... and concerning grown children and their choices... seems to me some of the most spiritual people I know have issues with this, I wonder if it's because the devil can't get to them so he goes after the children?

Toknowhim said...

Kim, thanks for joining us today (is this your first visit? I can't remember)

Your answers to the judgment questions makes my heart sad, but you are telling the truth about the things that happen in our world, and even in our Christian circles. In my past I struggled with judging others, and I have found freedom in that area now, but it is so easy to jump back on the old "judgment bandwagon". Thanks for sharing with such honesty and from your heart.

By the way, I like the picture of you and your husband :) Blessings!!

Mrs. Jules said...

I'm sure I still watch Leave It to Beaver reruns because of Barbara Billingsley. ;)

Your bonus answers were wonderful...I have two adolescents and work full-time, so I can totally relate.

gail@more than a song said...

Sometimes I like to shop by myself but Stacy and I love to go together!
Your bonus answers make me feel sad, our church and church families are a place we should feel love and accepted. But I imagine lots of people have experienced the same thing. Everyone is different and our situations are different so we sometimes have to make a choice that's right for our family. And well, when our kids get out on their own, they make their choices too...I find it hard to parent older kids, there should be a manual or something telling me what to do!