Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Time Travel and Easter

Growing up, Easter was _________________.

Share your Easter traditions. Did you have egg hunts every year? A new dress? Was it a spiritual event in your family, or just a fun day?

Growing up, we didn't go to church or anything until my parents became Christians when I was in 5th grade. Up until that time Easter was Easter Bunny, chocolate, jelly beans, soft stuffed animals and brightly dyed eggs. After they were saved, we still got the candy and the stuffed animals but the meaning behind the holiday was oh-so-much more. Our church always had a live Christmas tree, and when Christmas was over, they took off the branches and fashioned a cross out of the trunk, covering it with chicken wire of some kind. Then, on Easter Sunday, we would all bring bouquets of daffodils to stick in the wire. The end product, standing outside of the church was a daffodil covered cross! I have never seen this done since then. (Click on the pictures below to enlarge. I must say, looking at those I am amazed that I matured into something that could eventually attract a husband!!! ) The first picture I was 9 years old, the second and third ones I am 12--even though they each have a different date.

Easter for us now involves new shirts for the boys, candy, a new book , brightly dyed eggs, resurrection eggs, and church. We sometimes have dinner here and sometimes at my mom and dad's. This year it will be at my parents. We usually have ham, scalloped potatoes, deviled eggs, fruit salad, asparagus and something yummy for dessert...maybe angel food cake with fresh sliced strawberries.

Enjoy the pictures from years past-----

Sarah Ann, age 7 months old

Sarah: age 5, Andrew: age 3

My three boys, 2007

Kerry and me, 2006

Thanks Annie for hosting TTT!

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annie said...

I love the pictures Kim, and the cross is beautiful!

gail@more than a song said...

I love the family pictures. You know, my kids always seem to want deviled eggs at Easter and for some reason it's almost the only time of year I make them! I should do them more often but they aren't home as much now.