Monday, March 17, 2008

Time Travel Tuesday: the smells edition!

A smell that brings you back? (I know that when I put on Jergens’ lotion I am brought back to a little girl watching my mom put lotion on her hands)”

Thanks for the suggestion Jenny!

So how about it? Any smells that take you back to a different time and place?

Well for me, I am going to need to focus on perfumes as the other smells I could mention are just too hard to describe---like the distinct, but pleasant scent of my Grandmother's house...or that of my own mother's house....I do remember my grandmother Aeline, (of who I have posted wedding picture previoulsy) always smelled like roses.
When I was in elementary school I remember my mom wearing many different scents:

My Sin

Jean Nate

White Shoulders

Jungle Gardenia

When I think of my high school years, this scent immediately comes back to me! Was there possibly a girl growing up in the '70s who didn't use Loves???

Love's Baby Soft

The last one that I remember my sister and mom and I using during that time period is


Thanks for taking a stroll down my memory lane of scents! Visit Annie to visit more time travellers!

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Jodi said...

I used Love's too! Have a great Tuesday!

annie said...

Great smell memories Kim, I used Love's too and can almost smell it thinking about it!

Nancy Face said...

Cute post...and you have a great memory! I liked Love's Baby Soft, but I never had a bottle of it! :)

Barbara H. said...

Love's Baby Soft and Emeraude used to be a couple of my favorites, too!! I can't wear perfume any more, though -- for some reason it started giving me headaches. I think my mom did wear perfume, but I don't remember which ones.

KC said...

OH I LOVED.. Love's baby soft.. but that was my best friends "Scent" so I found a different one.. when you read my post you'll understand more.. we all were weird LOL..
great post.

sheryl said...

Oh...Emeraude brought back a major memory for me...I was a bank teller in the late 70's early 80's and we had this one customer that I know had to bathe in that stuff (which I liked until this customer's over-usage literally made me sick). We could smell her when she hit the door and didn't even have to look up to know who had just entered the bank.
A more pleasant memory was my sil who loved Jean Nate body splash.