Thursday, April 17, 2008

chit chat

Whew!!! Where in the world has this week flown off to? I can't believe that it is almost Friday already.
Nothing much big to share--just a little of this and a little of that.

**On the health news--feeling better and stronger, but still a bit tired at the end of the day. Note to self: Prednisone, not such a great drug! Don't get me wrong, it has done the job in getting my ears to clear, but it has done a number on my normally freakishly low blood pressure. Let me tell you, when your blood pressure is high, you don't feel right. My heart has been pounding, I have been dizzy and have also had a terrible headache most of the week. I can't sleep either and my eyes have been having trouble focusing on small things up close and then also with distance. The ENT I saw on Wednesday told me to taper off the drug faster than the regular doc wanted me to, and I have been more than happy to oblige. YUCK! Sadly, he said once I am off the drug, my original symptoms may reappear for a short while--so that could mean plugged ears again.....I sure hope not!

**I want to share a little picture with you:

See those sweet, thriving, growing little tomato and pea starts? Did you notice their location? They are inside the house. In the window sill of Sam's bedroom. Why aren't they planted nicely in the garden bed so lovingly prepared for them by Dad and Sam? After all , it is past the middle of April, isn't it?

Why? Because we are supposed to get more of this stuff over the weekend!!!!!

Do you all remember where I live? Seattle, people! Not the crazy mid-west or frigid northeast!! Seattle....where we aren't typically know for our snow fall total, nor our late spring snow storms!

Global warming my fanny!

Kerry and Sam are leaving on Saturday for a Father/Son overnight. The place they are staying still has 2 feet of snow on the ground from this winter, and I also heard they are going to open the ski areas again this weekend because of the fresh snow coming in!

Austen and I have a weekend full of plans for music lessons, practice drives for drivers ed, and taking the college assessment test in order for him to be able to take classes at our community college next year for free! It is a program called Running Start which allows high school junior and seniors to take classes, paid for by the state, to earn their AA degree before graduating from high school. My two oldest kids did it, and Austen is wanting to follow in their footsteps.

Happy Friday everyone!

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annie said...

More snow? wow! It's pretty much Spring in Oklahoma. Windy and fairly warm. I hope some of that comes your way.
Have a great weekend.

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Wow, Kim, you've really been through the wringer lately with your health and meds and all of that. I hope you get feeling a lot better soon, and don't have to take all of those meds. What a pain :)

Take care and feel better!

Joyful Days said...

Prednisone--not one of my favorite meds--effective, but what you said. Lots of extra stuff. Hope you feel better soon.

I won't be planting anything until the first week of May. Even though it is supposed to be spring. Global warning my fanny--you are too funny!

That is a cool program. Go Austen!!