Saturday, April 12, 2008


It has been a looooonnnngggg week. I ended up going back to work last Monday, after 2 weeks of laying around in bed, sick, and a bit whiny. I went back with a still totally plugged up ear which didn't really make me feel so great. By Thursday, when that ear still hadn't unplugged, in spite of every basic drug known to man and a visit last Sunday to the urgent care clinic, I called my doctors office again, and they finally decided to pull out the big gun. Prednisone. Yes, steroids. Well, one day of that, and guess what? My ear began to open up a bit. I still have a little pluggishness, so I will for sure be keeping my coveted ENT appointment on Wednesday. You know, I really wouldn't have minded a couple of days home with a cold, but this little health drama has gone on long enough.

On to other news, the sun is out !!!! It is 71 degrees, a temp we haven't hit since last October. My boys, as we speak, are going through the crates of summer clothes which have been hidden in the attic, since last October, determining what fits and what doesn't. Then we are headed to the thrift store to look for some shorts!! Can spring really be around the corner??

I am hoping to get to visiting all my friend's blogs and get caught up on your lives. I basically barely managed to drag myself home from work each day this week, throw some dinner together and crawl into my jammies and bed. Blog land was severely neglected--my apologies!

Oh, and before I forget, I must share some wonderful mail I received yesterday from Annie! I was a winner on her candle give away and she sent me this lovely orange-vanilla scented candle. It smells amazing and good enough to eat!

Thanks Annie!

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gail@more than a song said...

I'm glad you're back and hopefully you'll feel much better soon! Warmer weather helps sometimes too.
That candle looks yummy...those tulips are gorgeous!

Karen said...

Good to have you back, Kim! Congratulations on winning the candle from Annie. I saw that at her place and was so happy that you got a treat -- seems you deserve it after the past couple of weeks!

Your recipes for this week look wonderful! I need to get my act together and come up with a plan, too. Joe said the weather was gorgeous this weekend. He went for a hike with some friends. I think we're getting some of the same here (finally) this week. So nice to have some Spring sunshine!

Joyful Days said...

Take it slowly, Kim. My blog's been slow, so not much to catch up on. Hope you are feeling refreshed, recharged and renewed soon.

Prayers for your recovery,