Saturday, May 24, 2008

my week in review:

Well, aside from working, cooking and being rained out of both boys' first baseball games--(stupid weather!) we have been treated to lots and lots of music! One night, Austen accompanied his little brother at the elementary school's talent show, playing a sax duet that was met with lots of applause! Austen played the tenor sax and Sam played the alto. We have such a great music program in the our schools and one of Sam's teacher is a part time teacher and then a professional music artist at night! His name is Darren Motamedy and his newest c.d. is 4th in the nation right now!! He is a great guy, who we have seen performing at local venues many times and is a guy who loves music and is thrilled to pass that passion on to students. When he heard Sam practicing the piece for the talent show, a song called Pick up the Pieces, he offered to get a copy of the back-up instrumental part of the song that he warms up to each day so the boys could have a fuller sound! It was great.

I am embedding a recording of this song, found on youtube, being performed by Mr. Motamedy and another professional sax artist who I happened to go to school with--many many years ago! His name is Jeff Kashiwa and is well known in his own right, but also for playing with the Jazz group, The Rippingtons. The video of this clip isn't of the greatest quality, but the sound is great! Oh, according to Darren Motamedy they are totally improving on this song!

Then, on another evening, Sam had his school end of the year band concert and I am posting a picture of him playing a solo he had in an arrangement of Star Wars music!

I am so thankful for the wonderful musical influenceds in my boys's lives, including the gentleman who is their private teacher. Music is an important part of life and is such a great way to find an identity in those middle and high school years!

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Joyful Days said...

That is awesome the boys have good teachers available. I listen to the Rippingtons sometimes!!

Your sons look like they are having a good time. That is so cool.

gail@more than a song said...

That's so great they love music and have such good teachers! You're right, that is a good way to help with those middle/high school years! Looks like y'all had a blast, the pictures are great!
Hope you've had a good weekend Kim!