Thursday, May 15, 2008

Where oh where..

...has this week gone? I can't believe how long it has been since I last posted! I have posted on my book blog a bit though--I just find it hard to balance it all.

I hope all my friends had a wonderful Mother's Day! I know I did.

I was treated to a lovely brunch at a favorite restaraunt, fun presents consisting of a digital photo frame for my desk at work, 2 Rod Stewart sings the classics c.d.s, the movie P.S. I Love You, earrings, and a gift certificate to a yarn shop to take a beginning class on knitting! Along with the gorgeous flowers my son, Andrew, sent me, Sarah also brought a little bouquet of sweet violets to work for my desk last Friday. (we work at the same place) They were adorable and smelled so yummy and sweet. And now, the Star Gazer Lillies in the bouquet from Andrew have finally opened up they smell yummy!
We then all went to see the movie, Iron Man, which I loved and then we drove up to my parent's neck of the woods to visit with my mom and my grandmother.
It was a very nice day.

The rest of the week has consisted of work, cooking, watching Dancing With the Stars...(go Kristie!), and American Idol...(go David Cook!). Tonight, both boys had baseball pictures to be taken and then their jamboree games. So, now the season has officially begun and we will likely have baseball 4 nights a week between the two of them. Can you say, "Exciting"?? :)

Here are some random pictures of Mother's Day....

And guess what???? Tomorrow, (Friday), it is supposed to get up into the 80's temperature wise around here!! Can spring actually be arriving?

Have a great Friday everyone. I hope to post more this weekend.

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Karen said...

CUTE new hairstyle, Kim! I'm glad you had such a wonderful mother's day. Your kids sure love their momma. Joe got home yesterday. It's good to have a full house again, though it will only be for a few weeks. He's going back for the summer for a job he got on campus and a part-time internship. He loves it up there! Dan and I are hoping to take the other two kids up for a visit sometime in the next year or so. I haven't been blogging much either -- so busy, as you are. Maybe we'll have more time in the summer?? Oh, baseball, yeah. Maybe not! take care:)

gail@more than a song said...

Sounds like you had a good mothers day! Love all your flowers, so fun to have around. And that picture of you with the boys is adorable! One to frame I bet!