Monday, June 16, 2008

busy days

Something a bit more upbeat than my Friday night post. (Thanks for the sweet comments, Julie, Karen and Annie!)

Our doings over the past couple of days:

A new Red Robin is opening up in our area, and in order to train their wait staff and cooks, they hosted a week of free lunches and dinners, by appointment only. I was quick to call and we received a lunch reservation for Saturday. Austen didn't get to come along as he was with his school band playing music for his school's senior graduation ceremony. The three of us had a blast, the staff was extremely friendly and our meal would have been $45 dollars if we would have had to pay for it!

Kerry and Sam with a chocolate milk shake and a freckled lemonade

My bottomless glass of my favorite drink: Diet Coke

Father's Day was kind of low key. Kerry just wanted to stay home and bbq rather than go out to eat so I made chicken and beef kabobs, everyone's favorite around here, and a macaroni salad. Sarah brought fresh corn on the cob and a rhubarb/strawberry pie. Yum! Everyone just kind of hung out all afternoon and Kerry insisted on continuing the work on the new closet he is building in our new bedroom. After dinner we rented a movie to watch all together after debating whether we should all go see The Hulk in the theaters. We were pretty much all in agreement that we didn't want to deal with the theater and staying home sounded nice!

The other big thing going in our life is the never ending (due to inclement weather) baseball season. Here are some of my favorite shots from the past two games--

Sam batting:

Austen pitching:

The curve ball!

Today, I took a little longer lunch and helped out at Sam's school's 6th grade party. They had pizza, shaved ice, pop and a chocolate fountain buffet. A great time was had by all as they hung out with each other, the music blasted and they got to sign year books after receiving them a day earlier than the rest of the school. The sun was out, for the 2nd day in a row! (a record for us this June)

Sam brought me a shaved ice!

Sam, ice bowling

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gail@more than a song said...

I ate at Red Robin once in another state while visiting my daughter; it was good but thought I remembered a tad expensive. Sounds like fun!
You always have such great pictures!
Rain, no sun, and cool temps where you are? I'm definitely living in the wrong place...I think it was 95 yesterday, high humidity and haven't seen rain in weeks! And it's only June!

annie said...

We don't have Red Robin here. Looks fun though and how cool to get a free meal!
We stayed home for father's day too, and I am thinking we will stay home tonight rather than go out to eat for our anniversary. Maybe we'll go out this weekend? Great pictures and I love your hair, it's very cute!