Monday, June 16, 2008

Monday Fun

I found this fun meme via Annie's blog and thought I would play along. Go to Write From Karen to get the questions each week!

1. Do you think that gift cards are suitable gifts to give? Do you find them to be impersonal? Do you like receiving gift cards? If so, from where and do you cash them in right away, or do you wait for the right item/price to come along?

I totally love gift cards! I don't find them impersonal at all--in this day in age everyone seems to have everything they want so finding the perfect gift can be impossible at times. I have increased my gift card giving quite a bit---giving them even at all started with my boys being invited to birthday parties. When boys get to be about pre-teens it is really hard to come up with gifts. Now I give them to lots of people. I really enjoy bookstore gift cards and usually hang on to them for a while until a new book I really want comes out.

2. Have you ever counted up all the pills and/or vitamin capsules that you take every day? How many are there? What do you take on a daily basis? Do you give your children vitamins? If so, what kind?

I take 1.5 atenalol tablets, 1 flecanide tablet, 1 protonix capsule, 4 calcium tablets: the grand total is 7.5.
I do not give my kids vitamins.

3. What five things would you put in a time capsule?

photographs of our family, my favorite dvd, You've Got Mail, my wedding dress, and my children's baptismal gown which all 4 children wore

4. Would you rather be overdressed or under dressed for a party? Why? Tell us about the last time you were overdressed and/or underdressed; what happened? Did anyone notice you were over/under dressed?

Life as a middle class west coaster is pretty "fashion loose". I really haven't ever gone to any formal parties, just get togethers at friends' houses which are always casual. I guess if I had to choose I would rather be overdressed because I think you might have a good chance of altering the outfit and dress it down a bit if you are embarrassed by it!

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gail@more than a song said...

I go back and forth on gift cards but I think you're right, most everyone seems to like getting them! And they seem to come in really handy.
I'd say overdressed too!

annie said...

I have fallen back on cash lately for kid's parties. I used to work so hard to put together the "perfect" gift to take to these parties and then the kids get so excited when they open a card with cash, even when it's a lot less than the gift I bought was... so I have been doing that lately. Sure makes life easy.