Monday, June 30, 2008

Monday Monday

June 30th Questions:

1. What’s the last thing you grab before you run out of the door in the morning? Are you pretty good at being on time? Or do you constantly run behind? If/when you’re late, what is usually the reason(s)?
I grab my lunch out of the fridge and my purse. I am usually run a few minutes behind and I don't know why. I think I have a hard time stopping what I am doing, mid-day to go somewhere and in the morning getting ready for work I think I just have a hard time getting out of bed on time.
2. What is the last thing you bought from a vending machine? Where were you? How much did you spend? Do you use vending machines very often?
It has been so long that I can't remember. It was probably a bottle of diet Coke though!

3. What does the hand-soap in your bathroom smell of? What color are your bathroom walls? What color are your guest towels? What sort of decor, or theme, do you have in your bathroom? (Post a picture if you dare!)
My hand soap is Bath & Body Works, Warm Vanilla Sugar--no guest towels as guests don't use my bathroom. In the main bathroom there is usually a blue towel for guests to use. That bathroom is decorated with a fish theme--I will take a picture tonight when I get home. The walls are light blue. The soap in this bathroom is probably soft soap in a dispenser.

Lotion, perfume, skin
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annie said...

Reading your answers I realize I didn't answer the entire questions :)... oh well!

Hope you had a great Monday!