Saturday, June 28, 2008

Saturday Blog Fun

Let's talk relationships! Pick a relationship. Either your current one, or a significant past one (You needn't be specific...) .

Saturday 9: Tell Us About It

Concerning my sweetie and husband, Kerry:

1. How did you meet? We met when I was in high school and he was in college. (He is 6 years older than me) He was doing some intern work at our church, and there were many times when high schoolers and college students hung out together.

2. Was it lust at first sight? Not lust, (from Kerry's point of view, I was too young!) but definitely attraction and eye lash batting on my part! I definitely had a little crush on him.

3. Were they currently available? No--age difference too great at the time

4. How important is physical attraction? I think it is very important--sure makes life fun!

5. How important is intellectual attraction? Important--there is more to life than good looks and lets be honest, our looks do change a bit after 25 years of marriage!

6. How long until you kissed? ( I changed the question a bit here, the original was a bit too personal!) When we met again later on--I was in college by then--we dated/were engaged for about 1 year. We kissed on our 4th date.

7. Is this/was this the love of your life? Most definitely!!!

8. Were they faithful? Yes!

9. Were you faithful? For 25 1/2 years and counting!!!


~Questions, Silly Questions~

1. Who is the last person you talked to? Kerry (called me just a couple of minutes agon while on his way to the store to get ice-cream and a movie)

2. What is your weather like right now? We waited forever for summer--spring just didn't happen here this year--and now we have it!! We had a high of 90, but currently, at 8:15 p.m. it is 84 degrees. Sunny and bright was the order of the day.

3. Where will you be this weekend? Boys' music lessons, grocery shopping, knitting class, and church.

4. What's for dinner tonight? Take and Bake pizza from Papa Murphys....yummy!

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Shannon H. said...

25 years!!! Congrats and keep up the good work :)

Trish (wheresthebox) said...

I agree, we are on much the same path, just a few years behind you. We will be married 16 years in August.

Have a great week!

annie said...

That is such a cute pic of you two!
Happy Anniversary!

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

This is awesome Kim, I loved reading it! :) Here's to the next 25 happy years for you guys!