Sunday, July 06, 2008

Week in Review #2

Week's Weather : Crazy weather with 3 days of dangerous thunderstorms rolling through--very unusual to get that many in a one week period around here! Temps, starting last Sunday: 92, 82,76,82,72, 4th of July only 71, 70, and currently on Sunday the 6th it is 67 degrees at 5:30 p.m. Because of those fairly high temps, when those storms blew through it was crazy humid ! I can't tell you how much I hate humidity.

Sunday Sermon : Colossians 1:21-23 Jesus: the Reconciler

Life Lessons : It is very hard to be the mom of a married daughter in the sense that you have to back off and not offer advice unless asked. They must be allowed to make their own mistakes no matter how hard it is to sit by and watch!

Favorite Meals: Prosciutto Pasta Toss and the French Dips I made. Trying some new recipes this week again.

Treasured Moment(s): watching my boys play baseball, watching their excitement at lighting off fireworks in our street for us (the adults--friends were here too) enjoyment! Making homemade ice-cream on the 4th with my best friend--a tradition we have carried on since our kids were little--her kids are now ages 25, 23, 19, 11 and mine are 24, 22, 16, 12!

Simple Pleasures : Sitting in my new room knitting or reading in my glider rocker.

Impacting News

National : Atlantic storm Bertha may soon turn to a Hurricane, California fire fighters brace for new heat wave (huge huge wild fires burning for weeks)

Local: Oklahoma stole our Sonics away


Things I Read : For most of the week I lamely tried to get into Alice Adams but just never could, but started Book Thief last night and I am cruising through it! Very captivating. Also reading A Wrinkle in Time with Samuel.

Talked With:
I wish I could say I had talked to my parents, but that little feud continues. I had a wonderful chat with Andrew up at Western. He called me for a recipe and as we chatted he told me that he is going with a mountaineer group to summit Mt. Baker next weekend! He has been wanting to do this for a couple of years so I am happy for him. He did not make it home for the 4th of July and I received a text message that night around 10:30 that he really missed being with us! That means a lot coming from him as he is our independent spirit.

Places We Went: Baseball fields, Flem's house for 4th of July BBQ during the day on the 4th, grocery store, Salty's Restaurant for brunch today! YUM!

Budget Savers/Busters : Buster: GAS! Oh my goodness! I paid $4.25 a gallon this week and that is actually down a couple of pennies since last week. Saver: shopping at Winco. That store is not my favorite grocery store by any stretch of the imagination but the prices have been saving my life the past 2 years!

Blessings : My kids. I love'em!

Challenges : sleeping the early part of the week because the temperatures were so high air conditioning for us northwesters! Having a cheery attitude at work because of said lack of sleep.

Accomplishments : Got my house clean on Thursday so I wouldn't have that last minute stress on the morning of the 4th because friends were coming that evening. Finished my scarf in my knitting class. Started a dish cloth and have figured out how to read the pattern by myself--(super easy pattern to be sure) but managed to cast on by myself--(with a little help from the internet) and have even fixed a couple of mistakes as I have gone along by myself. No calling my daughter for help this week! :)

Family Happenings: The 4th of July was a great day with our two youngest kiddos. Sunday we took them to our favorite, very spendy restaurant on the sound for a seafood brunch. They always get so excited to be able to eat unlimited amounts of crab and chocolate fondue and crepes and the list goes on!


Pictures from our lunch at Salty's at Redondo Beach

A big thanks to Sheryl for hosting week in review!

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Sheryl said...

GREAT pics!! Mmmmm chocolate fondue! :)
Congrats on your new room and the progress on your knitting. I hopt to tackle learning the moss stitch tonight.
I'm with you on the life lessons...we have a married son and a daughter self-supporting at college in another state...and you are so right on! I think it's waaay harder being a parent of grown children than teenagers :)
Thanks for joining in...I really enjoy reading everyone's WIR!

annie said...

They are great pics Kim! Sorry that "we" took your sonics :)...
I'm learning that one too, sort of. Amanda is about to turn 18 and I am finding myself holding back and letting her deal with things. I'm sure it only gets harder.

Karen said...

This was great fun to read! I talk to Joe once or twice a week and had no idea the weather you're having. It's good to know what it's doing up there, I have a better picture in my mind of how he's doing:)

Unlimited amounts of crab and chocolate -- I'd be excited too! That sounds wonderful.

We spent the weekend at a baseball tournament. One more big tournament to go and the season is over. In a way, I'll miss it:(

This was fun, I'll have to try it sometime.

gail@more than a song said...

Yum, chocolate fondue! Great pictures and I loved the one of you and should frame it!