Tuesday, August 26, 2008

school days = money

This is for ONE child!
Sam, going into 7th grade, Middle School

Handbook /planner-mandatory: $5.00
P.E. Uniform-$15.00
P.E. Lock-no personal locks allowed: $5.00
ASB Card: $15.00
Yearbook: $25.00
School Picture-we chose cheapest pkg: $13.50

Basic school supplies: $50.00
New Back Pack: Thank goodness for sales. We got him a $100.00 backpack from REI for only $30.00!

His half of the new clothes we bought at Old Navy: $100.00
Still needed: new shoes, socks and underwear!

TOTAL: I haven't even added it up, because it would depress me too stinkin' much.

Whew!!!!! Does it cost this much at your kids' schools?

We still have to pay for Austen's school supplies, Community College books, parking pass for High School (for when he is there for band classes) and a parking pass for the college campus, his ASB card, his tux rental, his new pep band shirt and not to mention the $450.00 we just paid for him to take a certain math class at the college.

School starts next Tuesday for our public schools. The community college starts 3 weeks after.

Man, I can't afford to quit work anytime soon, that is for darn sure.

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Joyful Days said...

Yikes!! That is painful. Children are expensive. But they are worth it. Cannot get over the fact it is time for school and fall to roll around.

Take care,


annie said...

Yes!! I am in shock every year... seems to be getting more and more.

Karen said...

Your school fees look a lot more reasonable than ours. A yearbook is $60. The student activity card is $25. We chose the cheapest school picture package, too, and it is about the same. I was really skimpy with the school supplies this year, and made him use his old backpack! Because his new shoes cost $90! That's what I get for having kids with big feet (he wears a size 14). It IS depressing, isn't it?

Karen said...

P.S. I like your new background:)

gail@more than a song said...

I think we always picked the cheapest photo pkg we could! The rest does get to be a lot...I don't have any middle/high schoolers to compare to. I'm paying college stuff, yikes!