Monday, December 15, 2008


Baby it's cold outside.
At 9:30 a.m. the thermometer reads: 20 degrees.

I am getting ready to go to work late. I will be slipping my way there, I am sure. No matter how many alternate routes I can think of, I can't find one without a hill. I know the major roads are sanded some, but when I look out my window at our little side street and all I can see is a sheet of ice, my heart starts pounding. Sanding the major streets doesn't do a person any good if they can't get to them from their house!

I had to crack up laughing--my sons' school district called a 2 hour late start. Of course everyone was hoping for a full snow day, but noooo....they decided on 2 hours late with limited bus transportation. Now if they don't feel comfortable getting my kid to school, why would I attempt it? Sam's school is at the top of a hill, Kerry and Austen went out driving yesterday to give Austen some experience in *ice* driving and they could not get to the school, even going the way which has the least incline. So, I, being the rebel that I am, called the boys absent from school today.

Why oh why did this weather system have to blow in so close to Christmas? We have had the mildest temps all Fall that we have seen in years. No rain/wind storms so typical for that time of year either. In fact, until last Friday, our mountain passes did not have any snow yet! Last year they had so much in the middle of November that the ski season was able to open--not so this year!

Okay--I am done whining. Off to dry the hair and get I can get ready to: slip slidin' away........

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annie said...

Brr! it's cold here too!

Joyful Days said...

It was 1!!! degree here yesterday for our low. Ouch.