Monday, December 15, 2008

crazy boys

Oh these crazy boys of mine!
9:00 p.m.
23 degrees outside and....

tonight we had a little late evening play time on the frozen pond at the end of our street. My boys wanted us to come down with them and take their pictures while they slid on the ice--poor boys--can you tell they are not growing up in the hockey obsessed mid-west like their cousins! :)

Our road--slicker than snot! Can you see that sheer layer of ice gleaming in the street light? Yeah. More fun times again tomorrow getting to work.

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annie said...

Brrr! it's cold! Stay safe & warm!

Sarah said...

And more today! I am busy working away with report-writing but an occasional blog-stop is nice here and there. Wondering if you guys still want to come for dinner tonight and would still love to have you. Maybe in dad's 4-wheel? I will be sad if you cant' come - I already made yummy rosemary bread and bought stuff for shrimp fettucine AND your present! I'll be ringing you soon