Thursday, January 15, 2009

Favorite Foto Friday

This is my mom, age 2, in 1942. Her family lived in a tiny, poor little town in Eastern Washington called Outlook. I treasure any pictures of her taken before the age of 10 because the year that she was 10 their house burned to the ground, (badly burning my mom) and they lost everything. Any pictures from before that time are few and came from other relatives who happened to have some. I remember one time having a chat with my mom about her childhood and being flabbergasted to learn that until they rebuilt their house due to the fire, they did not have an indoor toilet and used an outhouse.

I love her little wrinkled up tights!

Deborah from Pictures, Pots, Pens is the hostess of Friday's Favorite Family Foto each week.

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Deborah said...

I remember my tights being baggy at the knees! So cute! It must have been so terrifying for her to have been in a fire.
So glad you have this picture of her to share with us.

Thank you!

splummer said...

Great Photo to have. I don't have any photos of my mom when she was young. Have a great day!!


claudie said...

Kim What a great photo. I have one like that but of me not my mom.
Yes baggy tights yuk.
So glad you have this one of your mom Kim. I'm sorry she was burned. I can't even imagine.

claudie said...

I'm on my hubby's computer till I get mine back hopefully tonight. I hope. I miss everyone.

Joy said...

Isn't she a precious little girl. I can't imagine what it must have been like to be involved in a fire. Bless her heart.

Montee said...

I remember those darn tights doing that too. In fact they seemed to sag everywhere! My dad grew up in a log cabin so they did not have indoor plumbing for a while.

Angela said...

What a cute picture that I'm sure you Treasure! I love the tri-cycle and my 4 yr old boys loves it to! he he
My grand mother grew up with out door plumbing also. I was shocked to learn that a friend of mine in high school also had out door plumbing ~ also no bath tub in the house! And that was in 1986! Seriously!!! Her dad had a decent job. Makes me wonder if they still have the outhouse???
Take care,

Karen said...

What a charming picture. And those baggy tights. I can still remember what that felt like, worse than a bad hair day when your tights were baggy and twisted!