Thursday, January 29, 2009

Wanna see my sky? Better yet, do you want to see skies from around the world? Then visit Skywatch Friday to find hundreds of links to gorgeous photos.

My photo was taken last year when my husband and I went on a weekend get-away to the coast. On our way home I talked him into trying to find the old house my father grew up in and which my grandparents lived in from the 1930's until 198o. Grandpa has been gone since 1981 and Grandma has been gone since 1992. I love these pictures, not only because of the subject, the house where my memories of my grandparents are tied to, but also because of the sky.

Aberdeen Washington
February, 2008

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Linnea W said...

What an adorable house. They don't build them like that any more. And I love the corner of blue sky and the way the sun shines on the face of the house. Very nice. Happy memories.

Guy D said...

Great looking shot of a very attractive little house.

Cheers and have a great weekend!
Regina In Pictures

Joy said...

Oh Kim what a charming house. So nice that you were able to get such a great photo of it.

ann said...

It LOOKS like a grandma house.What sweet memories.50 you're right,the sky is lovely...Ann

Jeanne said...

Kim that is the sweetest yellow house and what great memories you must have. I go all soft when I see the old homesteads of my family. Thanks for sharing your fav. foto today.


Claudie said...

Came by to see your Foto Friday and I will take the house please. I love it!!
Love Claudie

nadia said...

Such a pretty house! Love the sky's intense shade of blue :)

Thank you for sharing.

floreta said...

beautiful house and colors.

Anonymous said...

Sweet little house, it's nice that its still there for you to wander by and see, Happy SWF!

Patricia said...

It is nice sometimes to visit the places that played an important part in our lifes,
the house looks so sweet and beautiful!
Nice shot! Love the sky too :)
Have a great weekend!!

Janie said...

That is a lovely little house, and I like how the sky is both cloudy and clear, a little sad and a little glad. Good for poignant memories.