Wednesday, April 08, 2009



noun, plural -nies.

1. a miscellaneous collection or group of various or somewhat unrelated items.

*/* It is the week before Easter and all through the house...oh wait! Wrong holiday!
We have had two gorgeous, spring like days this week before the gray, rainy, cold, blustery weather returned. Our cherry trees and flowering plum trees are blooming and everything is beginning to have that springy fluffy candy coated look.

My sister is hosting Easter for the family which I LOVE because now I don't have to do the big deep clean in my house! We all bring stuff for the meal so no one person bears the brunt. I am bringing deviled eggs, a relish plate and my rommaine/gorgonzala/cranberry/poppyseed dressing salad. I decided that I am also going to bring some yummy sugar cookies, because even though there will be two other desserts I have decided you can never have too many desserts! Here is the recipe for the cookies. We are also having spiral cut ham, a potato casserole and honey glazed carrots. Yum! I can't wait.

*/* I still have sick family members in this family. Now two of them have nasty, nasty coughs on top of spring allergies beginning to make themselves felt. My kitchen counter is beginning to look like a pharmacy. It has been a long *sick season* for us.

*/* In 2.5 weeks I will be having my heart cathetar ablation due to my pvc condition. You can read all about it by clicking on the red words above. It is a supposed to be a simple and safe procedure but I am a bit freaked out. I have put this off for several years by taking a couple of medications daily. I would like to get off those meds and I would like the cough that plagues me in spite of the meds to go away.

*/* I am still over the moon about becoming a grandma this year. I even ordered a Curious George book on as I begin to start my grandma book & toy collection! Sarah is due the middle of November, before Thanksgiving, and we will surely have lots to be thankful for. I am knitting a little something for baby, which I can't say much more about because mommy reads my blog. ;)

*/* We are traveling to Ellensburg WA in 2 weeks for Austen to compete with his sax at the State competition. It will be a nice chance to get away and spend some fun time with the boys. They are both going to play baseball again this year and their seasons will start in a couple of weeks--I sure love watching them play.

That is all the news I have to share. My life continues to be full, busy and happy. I hope this week finds you well and eagerly anticipating the celebration of our Lord's death and ressurection.

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Molly said...

OH -- you will have a grandbaby to read Barn Dance to!!

I miss the baseball season. My son played until he was a sophomore in high school and those were some of the most cherished memories I have. Oh well, guess I will now have to wait until I have a grandson :)

Will continue to keep you in my prayers.

Karen said...

I LOVE the picture of the kids in your header. It sounds like your life is busy and full as usual. Have a very Happy Easter, Kim.

Joyful Days said...

Those are miscellaneous!! The ups & downs of life.

Keeping you in prayer for your condition/procedure.