Sunday, September 06, 2009

The days of my life...

Where oh where has the summer gone???

Aside from our horrific heat wave in July, the rest of the summer has been gorgeous. No rain, since May, (until yesterday), and temps in the upper 70's and 80's!

New in our life....

**My boys were supposed to start school last Monday, but due to a very lame and bogus teacher strike, they have not. Five days missed already, and despite a court order to return on Wednesday of this week, there is some feeling the teachers may defy the order and stay out longer. Even if they do go back on Wednesday, they will have missed 6 days. That is 6 days to make up at the end of the school year--a school year that already doesn't end, in a good year, until the last week of June sometimes! Blech!

(the day before school didn't start, at Wendy's for lunch)

**My beloved husband celebrated another birthday. I love this photo of him.

(Sam baked the cake--chocolate with raspberry jam filling!)

**We took a fun little mini-vacation to Moses Lake with the boys a couple of weeks ago and had a blast. Good times playing in the water, reading, and relaxing. We would have stayed longer or gone somewhere a bit more expensive and thrilling, like Great Wolf Lodge, but we have booked a vacation to Disneyland over the Christmas break!

**I am ten weeks away from being Grandma! Well, technically I already am, but since she isn't born yet, there are times it doesn't feel quite real. I have had a fun summer watching my daughter's belly grow, buying little girl clothes, knitting a couple of little pink things, and best of all came last night! Sarah and Jesse finally revealed her name to us and I love it. It is very sweet and girly, unique and a touch old fashioned.

** Yesterday, daughter and I canned the Italian Plums that were on our tree in the backyard. Um, we managed to get 53 jars!! It will be delightful and yummy to pull those off the shelf, heat them up, and serve them with our dinners this winter.

**Fall is just around the corner here--the flowers in the yard are showing it, the last of our garden is showing, and yesterday I saw the first geese practicing the V shaped flying pattern as they prepare to leave soon. (Sarah actually took the geese picture)
Our days are cooler as well as our evenings and the it is dark before 8:30 pm. I am in the mood for some pumpkin bread and think the Fall decorations may make an appearance in my house next weekend!

So, another season already passed. I have many great memories and have so much to look forward to!

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