Saturday, May 12, 2007

Finished one book, started another...

Well, I finished Bingo Night At The Fire Hall by Barbara Holland,
and while I did like it, I found it to be a bit slow in places. It is a memoir about moving out of the big city to the cabin her mother left her in the Blue Ridge Mountains. A lot of the book is spent accounting for the demise of the old fashioned village life as the urban sprawl heads west into that part of the country.
Found myself wishing I did not live in the suburbs of a
large city, which I find myself wishing quite
often lately.
Now I am on to a new book and I must admit I
really enjoy this new to me author. Her name is Isla Dewar and the book
I am reading by her right now is called, It Could Happen to You. She reminds of Maeve Binchy and Rosamunde Pilcher--although her books are a little slower paced than Binchy, they are edgier than Rosamunde Pilcher. Tomorrow I am being taken out to The Black Diamond Bakery which is located a little southeast of our house and is a tradition for Mother's Day. It doesn't look like much from the pictures on the website, but the food is incredible--eaten with a stunning view of this! After a wonderful lunch of a sandwich make on fresh baked bread, I will be coming home and relaxing on my couch with my book for the rest of the day! In order to do that, I better get off this computer and get my laundry done!!

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