Saturday, May 12, 2007

looking back on the week---

My weekend reflections:

Work--good but busy.

My Health----still having the pvc's quite often and it seems the new drug is not working as well as it was. It is an uncomfortable sensation which I find quite disturbing. As I took my pulse last night it was hovering around 45---normal for me is around 65-70 and I know it is the medication which is slowing it down. I have a phone visit with my cardiologist in a couple of weeks. Short of just living with it, I think the only option is the cardiac ablation procedure which I don't want to do until after our trip to Disneyland in July. I am thankful it is just a benign condition even though it is so annoying.

My Boys: Baseball has begun in earnest! Sam had two games and experienced both the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. Game one brought a 7-4 win for our team, with Sam stealing 5 bases, 2 of which were home!!! He pitched two innings and did an ok job, but his real forte is catching and he is an incredible little catcher for his age. I love to watch him and I love to see him in his catcher gear! The second game brought a 1-7 loss for us and while he tried to make it home on an overthrow, he missed being safe by a hair! :)
Austen has a practice game on Monday and then his pictures and jamboree on this coming Thursday. After that it will be games 4 times a week!

Here is the sight I find all over my house---

My hero (and husband) replaced the thermostat in his truck. Normally an easy procedure but not so on this vehicle. It always amazes me that he can look at the mess of stuff under the hood of a vehicle and make any sense of it, let alone fix something, Oh, the nights and days over the past 25 years he has spent sweating it out over some car repair needing done!

An if these pictures don't show what a great and dedicated guy he is to his family, how about this shot of him rough housing (pig-piling really) with his two little men!

The week in review would not be complete without mentioning Sam's performance in our church's children's choir production of Godspell. While Sam did not have a big part he enjoyed being up there singing and the excitement on his face was evident. There were probably 2oo+ people there to see it, and I am always so blessed and thankful for our church family when I see the older couples, (couples whose children have long since grown up and away from children's choir) come to the next generation of little singers performance. Well--that is my week in review--brought to you by mommy of two's blog. Go sign in, link and let us know about your week! :)


Linda said...

I enjoyed visiting your blog. My husband is similar looking to yours. One of our five children have left home to go to university. intown

I am sorry to hear about your heart difficulties.

Anonymous said...

Wow! You are busy! I thought our two baseball games a week was plenty! I hope you will feel better soon.

Nancy Brown said...

How fun!! You have a beautiful family and a BUSY life. Boys are such a handfull but well worth it.

Nancy Brown...

Anonymous said...

Whew! Sounds busy! I hope you feel better soon. I know how hard it is to deal with something disturbing and annoying when it comes to your health. Many blessings to you this week!