Sunday, June 03, 2007

the doings of our family

I am getting my reflections up late, but hey, it is still the weekend!

Home and my Boys: We had a great week! Full of long weekend fun (Memorial Day). We started the weekend off with watching our daughter's sick kitty while she and her husband went camping--read about our adventures with Amos here. We went and saw TWO, count them....TWO movies in the theater. This has never happened but it was drizzley rainy part of the weekend and it just plain sounded fun!We saw Pirates and Shrek the Third.

Another fun thing we did was take the boys to the batting cages--twice! Once last Monday and then again last night. We went late--about 8:30 last night because it was just sooo hot--which I
wrote( complained about) (can someone please share with me how to do the cross out thingy in a post?? ) the other day. We had the whole place to ourselves--it was great! As you can see they worked hard! beloved husband got his Father's Day gift early. A brand spanking new grill. The one we have been using is 18 years old and barely hanging on.
So out with the old
and in with the new! It only took 3 hours to assemble...
amazing how they get something so big into a box that small! :) It sure is shiny.

Other tidbits--we saw our first sunburn (dear child mowed two people's yards without his shirt on--because have I told you how HOT it has been here this week!!???

My husband put in a small garden,
we went to Sam's school carnival, (the very challenging bean bag toss being executed in this picture! :) Below, Daddy and Sam eating a hot dog in the very bright, HOT sun! (Notice the squinting of the eyes!)

and my sweet Andrew
was home from college last weekend.

I went to the teacher supply store today and purchased a few things for my boys to work on this summer. I also plan to put together a reading list for them--which I need to get going on pretty quick!

In baseball news, Sam's team suffered their first loss of the season. That was sad but we were really excited about the win Austen's team had. They played a "dream team" who beat us last year something like 30-0--and not only did they beat us but they were poor winners. This week, we beat THEM, 10-7!!!! And not surprisingly, they were sore losers. It was a sweet victory for our boys.

The Health Front: My cardiac stress test came out showing no new concerns and my poor baby Sam suffered through the installation of the Herbst device in his mouth. His mouth is very sore as the device is making the inside of his cheek raw. Eating is a real chore for him and I am hoping in the next couple of days it will start to feel better.

In the Kitchen: Well, the tuna wraps were just alright--a little soggy and I have determined that I really just like tuna on bread. I also added pickle to that recipe which made it better than it would have been. When we made our omelets we had a bit of a disaster as we were out of freezer bags and against my better judgement we used regular sandwich baggies. BIG mistake. They melt. They burst. The omelets get soggy. Gross. I am looking forward to this week's menu a lot. I will post that later this evening.

Things I am Thankful For:
**My sweet, God honoring, patient, hardworking husband
**My boys who bring me much laughter and love
**My sweet spiritual daughter and her sweet God honoring husband, Jesse
**My church. Even though there are some picky little worship preference things I seem to find myself complaining about, it is a church who holds true to the Word and believes the Word of God is inerrant. This is a rare thing to find in most of the churches around here.
**My job--while I don't relish being a working mom, I do enjoy the extras we are able to afford and to for once in 25 years of marriage not be stressed about finances. This job is a dream job for me, a woman who hasn't worked in 20 years!

Well, my friends, the cool marine air that has been promised by the meteorologist is starting to arrive, which means one really exciting thing--well actually two things. Thunder and the temperature cooling down. I guess the rain they promised for tomorrow really might happen. It was around 86 today and will probably only get to 65 tomorrow.
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Anonymous said...

Well I think it sounds like a good week. That sunburn looked not so fun. It is terribly hot and humid here. It rained for like 3 minutes yesterday. Our grass is brown. I won't tell my hubby about the fabulous new grill yours got. We need a new one! :) Have a great week this week.

LoveMyStarr said...

I saw the same two movies this week! What a fun time at the batting cages. I haven't been in several years. It's been getting pretty hot here, too. I'm glad the pools are open now! Sounds like a pretty good week and some pretty great things to be thankful for!