Thursday, March 12, 2009

ONES come in twos!

It has been a few posts since I bragged about one of my kids, so I thought such a post was in order! A few weeks back I wrote about Austen playing his sax in a competition here. Last Saturday it was Sam's turn to compete on the middle school level.

It was his first time ever to compete like this.
He has only played the saxophone for 1.5 years.
He has a brother going to State.
He compares himself to his 3 years older brother.

This time my heart only had to make it three minutes. Three minutes of holding my breath. Three minutes of feeling I might burst with pride. Three minutes of feeling the tears behind my eyes as I watched another child of mine rise to the occasion. Face the stress and nerves of performing before an audience, alone with only a piano accompanist.

We had to wait an hour for the scores. But that hour payed off.

His score? A ONE!! The best score possible!
I love you Sam, and see great things in store for you.

Unpacking the instrument in a corner of the warm up area (a gym!)

It is all about that reed!

Warming up

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